Famous People Who Were in Marching Bands in their Youth

Who ever said that marching bands were only for social outcasts certainly didn’t know what they were talking about when it came to these people! Today, we discuss some of the world famous people who were in youth marching bands.

Halle Berry

Before she donned the cat ears and won her Oscar, she played the flute!

Aretha Franklin

Many would know this incredible lady for her lung capacity and powerful notes. However, not a lot of people knew she used to play the Tuba for her school’s marching band. This queen of soul got an early start in training her lungs! No wonder she can hold notes longer than anyone could during her time.

Tina Frey

This beautiful funny lady was just as talented in her youth. She was part of the woodwind section in your school’s marching band. Specifically, she played the flute. Not only that, she was in her school’s production of Grease as Frenchie! No wonder Tina Frey continues to enjoy a highly successful career.

Tommy Lee

The world knows this fellow to be the gregarious drummer of Motley Crue. Even when he was younger, he was already a percussionist. Was it any wonder that he grew up to be a world famous drummer? He had it fully ingrained in him in his youth.

Bill Clinton

Before this fellow went on to be one of the more controversial Presidents of the United States, he played the Saxophone for Hot Springs High School.

Gerard Way

Comic book enthusiasts may know him as one of the best DC Comics writers but others may better know him as the frontman of the band My Chemical Romance. But before all that, Way was part of his school’s marching band. He was in the percussion section. This gives his fans a better idea of his fascination with marching band attire—it’s something that reminds him of his enjoyable band past!

Samuel L. Jackson

Everyone’s favorite villain was in the bass section of his school’s marching band. He was able to shift between a trumpet and a French horn whenever the occasion called for it—not simultaneously of course!