About Us

What is a Marching Band?

It is an often large scale group of instrumental musicians in formation. They often “march” so to speak following a beat or score. They are often part of a school’s extra-curricular organization set and are normally used to represent their school in entertainment or in large scale competitions.

What is a Youth Marching Band?

Pretty much what’s above but for those aged 17 and below. Bands are normally divided so school divisions (primary and secondary schooling). Although, depending on the district where you live, there can also be a youth marching band to bring together the youth musicians in that area.

Where do we come in?

Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association aims to serve as a useful resource of information regarding band events, latest news, and other tips that budding instrumentalists need in their basic knowledge. We aim to be the meeting point wherein friendly discourse and competitions can be held. One of our missions is to empower communities that support youth marching bands. After all, these are their youth—so why shouldn’t they be involved?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message us at info@tymba.org.uk. You may even give us a call at 079-2131-3852.